Where community and AI unite for financial freedom.

AI . Automation . Network

EcoDev Community is an AI automated system with a global community of people helping each other to achieve financial freedom using an AI automated powered system

EcoDev is the acronym of “Ecological Development Community“, and it is a community that is contributing to the success of everyone – especially YOU!

It is an acronym of “Ecological Development Community” is a community that is contributing to the success of everyone.


EcoDev community is an AI automated network marketing system with a global community of people helping each others to achieve financial freedom using a contribution-giving and receiving system with AI TECHNOLOGY platform


Creating a  sustainable income to a global community using an AI System.


To help every member of the community build a global network.

EcoDev community just got into Africa from Malaysia on the 25 of November 2023. The business has been in existence since 2016 in Malaysia. And it was done by only Malaysian, but decided to go global with its advanced AI.

Grow your wealth while making a positive impact on the world.

How It Works

EcoDev is a platform with gifters and receivers within the community using an AI technology platform that is being activated with a one time Community Gift Fee (CGF) of 60 USDT or 300 USDT. You will start to receive money from the platform everyday once your account is activated.

In order to help you in building your community with EcoDev, the platform assists you with an interest-free loan of 200 USDT in your account as a one community membership fee to start receiving money from the global community daily from day one. For every 1 person you refer to the platform, 50 USDT is returned. After successfully referring 4 people, you have authentically cleared your 200 USDT loan and you can start to earn all maximum profits and commission

The 200 USDT loan is given to everyone because most people may not have 200 USDT to start building their community..So after activating your account with 60 USDT, the interest-free membership fee (loan) of 200 USDT will be credited to your account immediately.

The Countries We Are Expanding Exponentially With Our AI Technology


Ecotoken will be use as the community coin 🪙 In the system where all the transactions will be done with Ecotoken both for new membership fees and old members reactivation fees. Community Profit Sharing (CPS) will be received in Ecotoken and any other new product or services the will be added in the future.

Achieve financial freedom with the help of our global community

As you join and form a community of 4 active people, the system gives and receive money daily with your capital being the 200 USDT loan given to you while you sleep and receive profits daily.

Whether you get your 4 or not you start earning daily but you can’t withdraw until you complete 4 then your loan of 200 USDT is paid back without interest, all the money made will be yours, RESIDUAL income will be dropping and flowing into your account daily.

The interest-free capital loan of 200 USDT loan is paid when you have a community of 4 only. Once the registered with your link. Your daily income ranging from 20 USDT and above is automatically withdraw into your account.